Arsenal 3 West Ham 1

High fives at The Emirates

Quote of the day from our at the match reporter : “Crap defending but we won!”

We’re not going to argue with that.

Every new system needs time to bed in and players have to have time to adapt to new managerial demands and tactics. Arsenal right now look very vulnerable at the back and we can’t currently see how it will be possible to keep clean sheets when our goalkeeper is so involved in clearing constant back passes.

The team looked nervous, a little bit lost and just a tad unfit. Only time will tell if Unai can build a winning squad around such a controversial idea and, judging by the pundits (who have already written us off), it’s going to be a long hard learning curve of a season for the Gunners.

Still, we don’t care about pundits, it’s their job to moan and criticize. It’s our job to get right behind the squad and cheer them on through thick and thin.

Here are a couple of our favourite fan Tweets:

Arsenal v West Ham was always going to pile huge pressure on whichever manager didn’t get the result today. Luckily for Emery, he’s inherited the better squad. Seemed very even at first though #ARSWHU @premierleague

Watching Arsenal v West Ham live in the bar on holiday. The crowd is so quiet, no chanting for 20mins. Its like Lords, just polite clapping.

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