Man Utd 2 Arsenal 2

No stopping him

This quote from gunnergal-1 on Twitter sums things up:

“After having an Arsenal fan tell me we’re not playing well enough, there’s no improvement and most players need to be sold, I’m off. These people are giving me headache. If you cannot see the improvement and appreciate the beautiful football we’ve played I have no time for you.”

We couldn’t agree more.

We are still on our unbeaten run, we beat T*ttenham at the weekend and we just won a hard fought draw at Old Trafford, what more do fans want?

Unai Emery is doing a fantastic job, our team looks immense, the players fight for everything and we are constantly pushing up in the Premier League table. Tactically we are playing some amazing football, our speed of attack is sensational, our midfield battling is looking really firm and our defence is getting stronger and more solid.

Yes there will be mistakes, there will always be missed passes and missed goals because that’s life but what we are watching now, week in week out in all competitions, is growth.

Some fans just like to moan about everything, well not us!

Arsenal are playing brilliantly at the moment and we will support them whatever the result. 2-2 isn’t a disgrace and it’s such a shame that Lacazettes cheeky tap in after mugging De Gea and Mkhitaryan’s goal line shot was deemed offside, but like we say, that’s life.

So, onwards and upwards as we look forward to taking on Huddersfield Town at home this Saturday at 3pm.

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