Bring on the barcodes

Old Newcastle FC photo

A fresh new season full of hope, we’ve witnessed some exciting new players being signed, we’ve seen some faithful old friends being allowed to move on/out, the Arsenal rollercoaster is gearing up for yet another fantastic set of ups and downs which will keep us on the edge of our seats.

Obviously we are going to win on Sunday, the barcodes are generally frustrating most of the time, they have no real tactics except cheat, dive and try to interrupt play by having feeble attempts at roughing our players up and putting us off our stride. But in recent years we have seen many of our team go toe to toe with so called ‘hard’ opponents and come out on top plus, we also have so much class and speed wearing red and white (yellow on Sunday) that most opposition just can’t catch us.

Unless The Gunners drop a major clanger in defence, we can’t see us conceding any goals.

And obviously, now that we’ve written the above line, we’ve tempted fate and we’re going to ship goals like there’s no tomorrow. But life is about risks, nailing yourself to your mast and your beliefs, you can pussy foot around trying to make everyone happy or…you can tread on a few toes and just follow your own path.

So begins a season of new hope. Shout loud and proud fellow Gooners where ever you are watching from. This season let’s really get behind our team and cheer them all the way to the title and few cups as well.

Win lose or draw we support Arsenal evermore.

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