Arsenal 2 Burnley 1

Bridge to the Emirates

We just can’t complain with 6 points out of 6 from our first two games.

The critics will still pick holes and try to point out our weaknesses but all that really matters is that Arsenal are playing well and have not lost or drawn either of their first two matches.

And our players? Simply sensational as again we saw against Burnley a great combination of youth and experience. The MOTM was Dani Ceballos and we are going to re-post all our members tweets about how fantastic he was along with huge kudos to David Luiz for being the ultimate professional for showing that by joining Arsenal he is demonstrating that he is with us to win, not to just collect his Chelsea pension.

Once again it was an absolute joy to see Maitland-Niles, Willock and Nelson on the pitch as our youth are our future and they all played really well.

Here’s what our Twitter members thought:

Can’t put into words just how good he was today, his Cazorla-esque quick feet were beautiful to watch. @AFCComps

Dani Ceballos is what Manchester United fans think Paul Pogba is 🙂 @WellBeast

Will happily fork out £100 cash to keep Dani Ceballos beyond this season. One of those performances where you’re looking around at the people sat near you, struggling to believe what you’ve just seen. @jamesbenge

After watching Dani Ceballos for half an hour today, I can say he’s the best midfielder since Zinedine Zidane. @Aubazettes

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Dani Ceballos intercepting a pass to the goalkeeper after it had already gone out of play & then gesturing time was up after apologizing. Top class bastardry. @afcpadraig

Dani Ceballos heat map vs Burnley. Everywhere. @Bergkamp10IsGod

Martin Keown on Dani Ceballos’ impression on Arsenal fans: “It’s been a few years I think since they’ve seen someone this talented in the Arsenal midfield, with the confidence, panache, vision & desire to get on the ball.” @afcstuff

Next up is a trip to Anfield to take on Liverpool on Saturday 24 August 2019 kicking off at 17:30

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Win lose or draw we support Arsenal evermore.

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